Hello Vox Erotic Radio fans,

Due to technical difficulties – me and Mz Ava will be resuming our show soon, and we will announce just when that will be. We apologize for being absent for so long!

I love to hear stories about cuckold calls – it always fascinates me to hear how couples live out their lifestyles. I always talk to one person who is very immersed in cuckoldry as his wife does this to him all the time. He stays home and does her laundry, and does all sorts of chores whilst his wife is out with her lover.  I say, if you can’t perform in the bedroom and you aren’t manly enough – and your poor wife married you – then you really should let her do what she wants. Seriously. Think of her needs. It’s not her fault you were born with a small cock.  🙂

I will be around for the remainder of the weekend to take your calls – and let your naughty ways shine through with Me.  It will be “The Shining” Part II where I’m Jack Nicholson chasing you through the hotel trying to extract your wicked fetishes out of your brain. Muhahahaha….  I’m really not sure where that came from but because it’s late, and I’m really late trying to see a friend – that’s what happens.

Again – check out Mz Ava’s blog, or mine to see updates on Vox Erotic Radio – we will try to be on the air as soon as possible!

Ms Cecilia