Hello everyone,

In light of Mother’s Day, I’m canceling tonight’s Strange Sex Sunday in regard to letting you spend time with your mother and I will be back in two weeks for that.  Then, I will be discussing cock and ball torture. So tune in for that.

Again, I’m going to be out of town next weekend for a few days and will be back on Tuesday.  More than likely, I will probably not be taking calls there , but we shall see.


I was graced with a very special presence to see one of my guy’s on cam twice this weekend – and noticed just how good looking he was!  It was a nice little addition to the erotic roleplay we did where I was his neighbor one time, then his boss the other. If you are reading this, you know who you are – thanks for the great show! 😉

Speaking of cam – any of the Mistresses at LDW are always glad to see you on cam, and all you have to do is fire it up on yahoo.  In My personal history at LDW – I’ve seen countless acts take place on cam – anywhere from dildo sucking, sploshing, guided masturbation, feminization, giving make-up lessons…

Point is, we can watch you do just about anything within legal boundaries.

I am taking the evening to spend time speaking with My mother and relaxing. I will be back tomorrow to take your calls!

Have a good evening,

Ms Cecilia