Hello Rasta Men,

I made a debut guest appearance on the Awful show on talk shoe, or awfulshow.com for those of you who want to hear the interview with Me and four very inquisitive men.   Go to :  https://www.talkshoe.com/tc/26831   and listen to episode 92, and if you are that anxious to hear me – forward it to around 1:20 and you’ll hear the beginning of the interview.


So, tonight!  At 8 pm EST – Me and Ms Claire will be discussing the Hentai Fetish, as well as bringing you kinky news, strange rituals and everything strange and eccentric.  Tune into tonight at:  https://www.talkshoe.com/tc/15679 to hear this fantastic show, especially if you’ve had enough dyed eggs, chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.


I disappeared last night to go to West Virginia to play roulette – and lost my ass.  I’m working on a gambling strategy and maybe I will be able to be ahead next time. The whole casino culture is strange in of itself – lots of rules, the dealer looking over you, her boss looking over her and his boss looking over him – and all those eyes in the skies watching everybody.  Not to mention the people themselves, their gambling styles and all that mind-numbing noise!  It’s fun, and it’s like being transported to some other planet with it’s own currency, rules and language.

Anyway, I’m around today for riveting, erection-inducing, passionate, dominating phone sex!  Drop those chocolate easter bunnies and plastic grass and pick up your phone to call me.  This is a perfect for all my sissy girls to dress in their ruffly, rumba-pantied best! Don’t forget the ribbons.  A tisket, a tasket, bring your fucking basket and settle in for a mind-blowing experience.

See ya later humping peter rabbits,

Mistress Cecilia