Hello Fabulous Fem Chat Loyalists,

For those of you who have been following my Fem Chat show these last couple of Wednesdays have found Me fighting with the talkshoe site, and I’m back to try it again tonight. I have decided if the slotted time does not work, I will move it up one hour – thinking the site could be inundated with traffic and making me diffident in controlling the situation. However, if everything works out the way I would like it to – I will be reading an essay from a crossdresser as to why he likes to dress up as well as giving a fun fashion quiz. If it doesn’t work out, you will hear a string of expletives as far as here to Pluto from yours truly. So, I will see you at 9 pm EST over at https://www.talkshoe.com/tc/15681 and we’ll see what transpires.


So, what’s going on in your dirty little minds? I had a visit from Buffy again today, who tipped me and we always go into a subspace fantasy of her acting like a cock sucking bimbo. Picture a more roughed up Paris Hilton completely out her mind and spending; passing around her credit card like giving out hand outs in a soup line. That’s Buffy. Buffy usually calls me all dazzled out in something completely gaudy and glittery, and wearing high stiletto shoes that would put a hooker to shame.

Also, yesterday, L called and I got to see him on cam as he donned black thigh high stockings, black high heel shoes and proceeded to inject himself with a 12 inch dildo. He has the shapeliest legs, I told him, and can take some pretty big objects in his arse.
Everyone has their talents.

It must be National Whore Week and no one sent Me the memo.

So, why, I have been asked – does a woman like Me peer into the lives of such submissives? I have been asked: “You are intelligent, why do you do this line of work?” Because I’m curious, and I’m an armchair ethnographer. A cultural anthropologist who studies sex couldn’t get this kind of access. I can take mental notes, and objectify the situation and satisfy My insatiable hunger for those who insist on being humiliated, or used. Whilst I can become concerned for the transgendered community and help them to My utmost, others who insist on being defiled, humiliated and abused – I can get into because I don’t let My emotions get involved. I have two sides of My personality – the humanitarian who listens and aides, and the one who can completely enjoy using your whorish ass and laugh about it as I plug you into another statistic of my insurmountable data of deviant bitches.

Am I intense? You fucking right.

Am I sweet? I can be.

Which one will you bring out? That remains to be seen.

Just don’t test Me too much though, I’ll put you out with the weekly trash.

1,342,937 whores used, millions more to go ….

Ms Cecilia