Hello deviants,

I wanted to announce a new yahoo group that Mz Ava originally started, but brought Me on board to participate in. This will center around our new show on Saturday nights – so please participate if you are over 21. If you are wanting to join the yahoo group – please let Me know and we will invite you.

Speaking of, we are still in the midst of thinking of a title for our new show – if you have any suggestions, please let Me or Mz Ava know!

Not too long ago, I told a bunch of you to stop buying things from Amazon because my house was getting cramped. I have since then cleaned out and boxed up a lot of real old stuff lying around that I don’t use anymore and will be selling it at a yard sale come spring. I had so many old books from my college days, and clothes I don’t wear anymore, old pots from my kitchen, knick knacks that collected dust – and I totally dumped a lot of it. So now – I have new stuff on Amazon! Yay! It cracked me up how many people looked at that list and came to me saying – what? You’re not getting stuff from there anymore? So have it – my wishlist is open again. Thank you, everyone, for your generosity in the past. Also, Blooky mentioned twice on wanting to buy Me knee socks – so blookster, if you see this, I have some up there for you. Have fun 😉


I just now took a short break in this blog to answer my phone and learned that the dog I gave away to the farmer’s some months back died this morning in his sleep. I should have kept him here with me, now that I think on it, but, I hope he had a good life. Rest in peace Hemingway, you were loved.

I’ll add more later.

Ms Cecilia