Hello everyone,

Me and Mz Ava are still trying to get on the radio, so keep checking our blogs with our announcement.   Without going into the boring details,  we had a problem with the other site – so now we are in search of another and think we have found it.  I’m not at liberty to give details until I know more.  Until then, sit tight, and thank you so much for all your posts to My blog, messages and e-mails saying how disappointed you are we couldn’t work it out! We will, and we’ll be able to entertain you soon!

I just came across an essay written by Mistress Claire on FemDom.  It’s a brilliantly written essay, and does speak loudly in terms of communication between a submissive and a dominant. I always likened the communications between a sub and dom as a type of ‘relationship’.  Although it is not a real relationship in the meaning of the word, it takes on a form of one whereas the lines of communication must be open in order for it to be successful.  I think that it’s important for a dominant and a submissive to ‘take care’ of one another’s needs.  It’s certainly not a one-way street.    Also, Ms Tia addresses the same issues of communication with a phone sex call.  Again, communication being key in getting utmost enjoyment of your phone ‘relationship’.  Phone sex artists and Dominas alike, we are here to bring you what you ultimately may not have in your life:  a woman to share your most indepth secrets and fantasies to. Remember that you can tell us just about anything, short of disrespecting us and being demanding.

So, enjoy your phone Mistress, and enjoy your phone sex calls!


On a personal note, the weather here has  been bleak and downright miserable.  However, the weather channel is always so wrong. Here it is, 3 pm and it was supposed to have a torrential downpour right now. I checked the hour-by-hour to predict my own doom – and as I type this, the sun is blinding my eyes.  Where’s the rain? Where’s the strong storm that was reported to have happened by now?  I got out my candles and was ready for a night in utter darkness, but so far, so good.  This is the first time I’ve seen the sun in days.

To handle the inclement weather, and downpour of rain the last few days, I went to see the ever-so-happy and light movie “There Will Be Blood”.  It was brilliant. To see Daniel Day Lewis’ character evolve from a gregarious, community-oriented gentleman to a miserly bastard was unsettling and Lewis executed it with ease and genius.  The actor who portrayed the ego-driven preacher was just as intense, and witnessing the power-struggle between the two is likened to a cataclysmic force whose destiny  is to explode in one another’s presence.  This is what happens in the west with greed and religious zealots (or false prophets) in the middle of the desert.   God, I can’t wait to move to Nevada.  The anticipation is killing me.