Whew! I’m flying on coffee today, Starbucks made it STRONG! So I should have this blog post done in NO time flat.

I had some questions from Happy D, in which, I thought, I’ll just post it up for everyone to read so you can get to know your complicated Mistress a little more. But first, I want to put on The Killers to set the mood. There.

Now the first question he asked was: What groups do You like to listen to? Favorite albums or songs?

I like all kinds of music – but I’m more driven to listen alternative type bands such as Radiohead, Tori Amos, Feist, Sigur Ros, Bjork, The Shins, Pixies, etc. I am also drawn to classic rock: Cream, Rolling Stones, Santana, The Police, Jimi Hendrix. I’m very stuck on Sting, Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox as far as pop is concerned. I also occasionally listen to rap like Snoop Dogg, but that’s not all the time – that’s when I’m in a particular obnoxious mood. I like things with edge, something that pushes your emotions, and makes you think. I’m not into boy band groups, stupid pop, and bad pop country. I’m so sick of American Idol type crap, I could vomit. I love Johnny Cash, and Hank Williams however. I think a lot of today’s music is shit, excuse the expletives. It’s a passionate subject to me – music. I also don’t like music that’s so ‘cosmic’ you can’t relate to it whatsoever.

What are Your favorite “behaviors” from callers or submissives? What behaviors annoy You?

I’m usually good with all types of behaviors from callers except insecurity, and those who think I’m some sort of Mistress drone. I have received a few comments from some that they feel I was somehow dissatisfied with them, or that I did not like them – which is usually 99.9 % false. I’m not sure why that is, but it could be because I didn’t kiss your ass. I think the calls should be about fun, and not about passing judgments about reactions, and your type of fetish. I’m a dominant woman, but I don’t at all take it seriously to the point that I’m going to oust you from my ‘circle of trust’ – if I can borrow a Robert Deniro line. I’m not that militant about it. I’m also not the run of the mill, whips and chains type of Mistress. I’m educated, I know about life, and most of the time – I get you and what you’re talking about. I love having fun with calls, and if you are wanting ‘strict’ – it usually falls in line with how I roleplay in the fantasy – because I can play quite the bitch, but there’s a difference in acting like one, and being one. Two different things. So, if you think I was ‘mean’ or dismissive to you – get over it. Fuggedboutit. I think my biggest character flaw is I’m blunt and I’m flighty, and I tend to jump from one thing to the next quite rapidly.

*oh look – a pretty, colorful bird*

Where was I?

Oh yeah.

Here’s another from HappyD: I loved reading in Your blog You were watching porn. Gotta love professional development. What’s Your favorite type? How often do You watch?

I’m not one of those addicted porn watchers – however, I will watch it on occasion. It doesn’t matter what type it is – I’m curious about all of it, so I’m not actively searching the internet for a specialized niche like: midget sissified whips and chains type stuff. If I’m on a porn site and I see something that catches my eye – I watch it. It’s like going into a museum and looking at ‘all’ of what it has to offer and not being stuck on the the Age of Enlightenment floor and displays.

I vaguely remember reading that You were Bi curious. (Am I remembering correctly?) Have You ever explored Your curiosity?

Yes, I’m bicurious. I’ve explored a bit. However, I’m mostly a private person about that – so if you call and ask Me privately I’ll tell you, but I’m not going to spill the beans here in a public forum. I do fantasize, however, about being with Angelina Jolie and some women of whom I think is quite hot. I tend to love light dark hair, light-eyed women with some meat on their bones. On that note, Angelina, please eat more. Thank you.

Have You ever talked about Your vocation to a stranger? Someone You’ve met on a plane, while getting Your hair done, or at a bar?

Because there are so many close-minded people out there – I don’t divulge my personal info to anyone unless I feel they are going to be open-minded about it. When I met Claire, it took me months to tell her what I did for a living as a Domina phone sex girl, and I should have said it sooner as I found out she had experience as well! *Great minds think alike*. I love living the mystery, to be honest, and my neighbors, I know do wonder what I do. I had a neighbor ask me once : What do you do all day long??? Oh, I just smiled mischievously and said, wouldn’t you like to know?

I describe myself as a ‘shadow’ person and I slip through cracks, and alley ways. No one really knows about me in my life. I prefer it that way.

Any more questions? Want to interview me? Ask away. – The Shadow Mistress – Ms Cecilia

P.S. A side note, Heath Ledger died today. The actor who portrayed the silent, gay cowboy in “Brokeback Mountain” – probably one of my all time favorite characters in the history of movies and reminded me a lot of the cowboys I grew up around back home. So young, so much potential. Stay away from drugs people.

R.I.P cowboy.