Hi Guitar Heroes,

Next week, my availability will be scattered as I will be dispatching on Monday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon and most of the day Thursday. Please book appointments with Me and we can coordinate your sessions as I will be taking some night appointments on those days I dispatch.

I am enjoying the Guitar Hero I received – and I’m getting better at playing Santana’s “Black Magic Woman” as the rifts were quite hard, and I’m still in easy mode. For those of you who don’t know know what Guitar Hero is, it’s a game for Nintendo’s Wii and comes with a plastic guitar and you have to try to keep up with hits like “Welcome to the Jungle”, and my favorite very hard song “My Pride and Joy” by Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Okay, on to business. Another audio is posted up called Cock Trainer. It’s a serious cock teasing with release sort of audio, and I think it turned out quite fun. If I were a guy, I’d listen to it, and stroke My cock emphatically whilst listening. I like audios with edge, if ya know whadda I mean.

Oh! Speaking of cock teasing, Me and Ms Heather had a great 2 girl call last night with a good little stroker – it was so much fun, and if you don’t know about 2 girl calls – you need to try one. He stroked like a good boy as we both watched him on cam. I know Me and Ms Claire work well together, as well as Ms Heather and many of the girls at this glorious company!

Don’t forget I do cyber sex text sessions too – if you are, oh, say at work and your kinda sorta, have some privacy – message Me and we’ll do it.

Speaking of messenger – I try to answer the 100 messages that come in daily, but those that call for sessions come first before messenger, so if I don’t answer you, it means I’m busy and don’t buzz me, whine or sulk. I’ll get to you – I adore you, but my phone clients take priority at the moment and if you have questions about sessions – I will answer them in between calls. Banter is okay online with Me, but I often don’t have time for it. Yesterday was crazy with one person incessantly hitting the buzz button and vying for my attention. Um, no.

Time for a Starbucks run (thanks Rel),

Ms Cecilia