Hello everyone,

If you were looking for  Me last night, I was at My friend’s house working on a painting, and things went haywire with people coming in and out, and I couldn’t take calls or do the Fabulous Fem chat. So sorry!  So, I also know some of you tried calling, and I apologize if I missed you.  I will, for certain, be back tomorrow taking sessions, so look Me up and ring Me.

Some thank you notes:  Thank you J, for all the wonderful jazz CD’s and Bodhisattva audio book, as well as the movie. You are very sweet, even if you are a ‘masturbating idiot’.  (haha).  You know I adore you.

To: Tiffany I know you loathe dressing up as My sissy maid and having to come over and clean My huge mansion when the girls watch, but you were quite generous in sending me a card and tip!

To: Rel – I got the guitar hero, the earrings, and did you get Me that necklace too? — anyway, as usual, thank you for everything.

Everyone else who has been very generous – thank you!

 Oh, and to Buffy – you major slut! haha. Thank you for being such a ‘loser’ – you’re always there when I need a good laugh at all the things you do. For those of you who don’t know – buffy is one of My whores who calls in and dresses up and does all sorts of x-rated things that would make a pimp blush. So, I’ll leave all that up to your naughty little imaginations.

I’m going to be doing more recordings, so be on the lookout for that. Also, I did an essay on crossdressing  and going out for the first time. It’s an interesting read for those who are thinking of going out dressed en femme that have never tried before!

Catch you all later naughties!

Ms Cecilia