Tonight, we’re back in the feminization room with Me and Ms Carmen, and tonight we will be airing the 1960’s segment.  Come join us at the chatroom at 9 pm EST  – we’ll have fun!

I’m currently in the process of writing a number of essays all featuring different topics such as cuckolding, crossdressing, etc – and all are featured around our various sites.  The first one I worked on was on the topic of cuckolding and all of the components that are involved with it such as interracial sex, humiliation, etc. Check it out here.

There is a new audio up under My audio section in this blog under contents.  I figured doing different cameos  would be an interesting angle to take my audio recording in: Ms Cecilia as a hairdresser, Ms Cecilia as a doctor, etc.  As far as the hairdressing audio, it’s a good litte cock teasing recording.

As far as recordings, I’d like your suggestions and feedback if you have any – as well as scripts. If there are scripts you sent that I may have forgotten about – please remind Me and I’ll look them back over for consideration.  I’m always concocting little erotic audios in my head to record.

Oh! I must tell a little of My new little slaves I got recently – he has an awesome Scottish accent (I’ve a thing for Scotsmen), and I’m controlling his orgasms. He’s new, and he’s nervous and I can’t wait to put him to work in his chastity device (although we are working on some complications with it). That’s all I will say on that as he’s quite private and doesn’t want to expound too much on his life – but I did want him to know that we’ll work on your cb3000, or get an alternative for you. I must keep that cock caged!   It is My goal to “adopt” a cock on every continent on this planet.  The Adopt-a-Cock Foundation. Hmmmmm. Please make contributions- there are a lot of unruly cocks out there.

– Ms Cecilia