Hello My Cyber- Sex Lechers,

Getting ready for the New Year?  As you can see by My post below – I’m ready to cock-tease, feminize, cuckold and kink My way to 2008 and beyond!

So, on the agenda – onward and forward. I have a topic for tomorrow’s Strange Sex Sunday chat tomorrow at 8 pm EST at the www.communitykink.com chatroom.  It’s the Elf Fetish.  This fetish is a paraphilia that first takes place in the North Pole – those that are into elf fetishism are usually wanting their sexual partners to wear green, holland-shaped shoes with bells on it and  spock-style pointy ears.  The “elf” is to then dance around, clacking their heels mid-air and suck up a helium balloon to achieve that “elf” voice.  It’s thought that this elf  fetish derived from the elves that dressed in tights in malls across America.


I’m joking.  All of that above, I totally made up. I got you. Sucker.  But hey – if you are into this – let’s talk. I’m curious.

But, seriously, I’ll see you there tomorrow and we can talk about – whatever has been eating at your delirious sexually ramped up mind.

Cyber sex texting.  I had a FANTASTIC sex text session yesterday with a chatter who checked out www.sexytexting.com, and was into a giantess fantasy.  If you are looking for a session that is literary, filled with detail and a piece of conversation you can look over later – purchase a text session.  Here’s an example of a session I did yesterday, but did not involve the recipient’s side of the conversation. However, if you are not into Giantess, that’s fine – just look at this example for the detail that Me and the other Mistresses here can provide you:

” I put a spoon down and let some of the butter sauce collect in the spoon, and I tell you to climb inside – as if diving into a huge pool of lemon-butter sauce. The herbs of parsley are floating along side of you like huge leaves. I tell you to splash about, to have fun with this little man … and I laugh and giggle at you as you do so. I look down at you the whole time, no longer looking at you as a fellow human being, but as a very tiny pet, and a nice little morsel that will be a great additive to my meal ….

I twist the angel hair, playfully, at first on the fork – then bring it up to my lips in which bring them to full focus for you. My lips are a burgundy color, glossy and full. When I part them to put the first bit of pasta in, you see my white, perfect teeth as I begin to chew. I then dip the fork down again and splash some of the sauce in the spoon, of which you are in, onto it -but you still manage to stay in the spoon. I raise the spoon again, to mouth level, to let you watch me take the second bite of pasta covered with lemon butter sauce, with a hint of “tiny man flavor”. You see the last bit of pasta – which is like a giant rope to you disappear between my pillowy lips.

“My dinner, my sweet, is very very good … however..”, I pause, looking down at you with a wicked grin that spreads across my lips .. “It’s missing a very important ingredient…”  I take the spoon in which you are in and slowly turn it until it is at a 90 degree angle, and you fall gently into the rest of the pasta on my plate. I see you bounce on the pasta, up and down and I take a ladle and drizzle lemon-butter sauce on you and the pasta — it comes down like a waterfall around the plate in a circular fashion.
It’s too late. You become wrapped up in the noodles as a thousand warm ropes wrap around you, capturing you in the fork as I twist the pasta round and round – taking you with the spins.  I see you struggle, and I laugh playfully, albeit wickedly and I lift the fork up toward my mouth – opening my lips slightly, as if in slow motion, you become closer and closer to the opening of my huge cavernous mouth…”

So, there you have it.  If you are looking for fabulous cyber sex texting that yahoo chatrooms can’t provide, come see Me. Even if you are not a writer, or can’t spell to save yourself, don’t worry – all you need are My words and the above text was written in real-time, not pre-written.  If you love to read, imagine and masturbate – I’ll hook you up. I know that there are conversations I have with friends, or whomever, that if they are good – I read and re-read them.  For text sessions, you can find Me at:  mistress_cecilia_dominates  on yahoo or MsCecilia05 on AOL.

See you next year. Here. At My blog.

Catch you later, angelic pastas.

Ms Cecilia

P.S. The movie “Juno” is great.  Download the song from the soundtrack: “Anyone Else But You” by the The Moldy Peaches. It’s cute and funky.