Dear Diary,

I was a good girl today.

Actually, I was horrid.  I denied 10 boys orgasms, and I made 5 others wear their wives’ panties and made one yell in his office that he was a “panty-wearing sissified pansy with a little dicklet”.

I did what any conventional nice girl would do ….

Well, I did let one cum – does that count?

I fantasized about being a good (girlfriend, wife, fuck-buddy, office secretary) and to only be faithful and loyal to HIM.

Um, I used My vibrator to dream up a fantasy about cuckolding the poor sucker into submission as he watched with fear, anticipation and excitement.

I didn’t say one cuss word all day.

Wait.  I sort of did. If you consider “fuck, jack-off, motherfucker, hand-humper, slut, son-of-a-bitch,  whore, wanker…” cussing, I guess I did. Whoopsie!

For a moment, I believed males omniscient and supreme.

Yeah, right.

I cooked, baked and cleaned my house with a big, pearly-white smile on my face.

I got three words for you:  delivery, Sara Lee and maid.

I really didn’t laugh when I made sissy maid Colette bend over in her pink maid’s uniform.

Yes ….. yes…  I did.  One second, I’m trying to compose myself.

Okay. I’m fine now.

I didn’t watch porn.

I also didn’t say the word “cock” once!

I think I said the word cock, in reality, 500 times today.

Does making one bark like a dog when he gets horny considered humiliation?

Now, I will go to bed in my house-on-the-prairie cotton nightie buttoned up to my neck and say my prayers.

I will now strip down naked and pray I don’t have to smack you in the middle of the night for trying to rub your you-know-what on me.


Ms Cecilia

P.S.  Don’t forget about the Wednesday night Christmas party at chatroom at 9 pm EST with Me and Ms Carmen.