I’ve been an angry little Mistress. My blog was moved from another server because the last one was too slow to download, so I had it moved, and in the process – my theme was lost, as well as some valuable links. So … I’m having to gather them up again. If you have a blog that was linked to mine – tell Me what it was again?

Yes, this blog needs some major paint and color – but every other theme I tried was missing some important navigating component, so I’m stuck with this bland theme. Call it My minimalist movement. It’s not so bad is it? If it is – keep your opinions to yourself.

Perhaps I’ll add pictures and change the color of the font here and there.

I was gone this weekend, but I’m back now to take your calls. Speaking of, I just watched a caller tie himself up in a bunch of intrinsic knots whilst locked in high heels and a corset. It was hot watching him struggle as he had a vibrator in his arse, and another vibrator on his cock. I love bondage. I have to admit an extreme feeling of power over him as he lie there twitching like a bug with no wings.

Try to fly away bitch ….

I’m not sure if it the weather, where there are periods of freezing rain, then teasing me with the idea of snow as it sprinkles just a bit as if a fairy in the sky is randomly sprinkling white confetti as he skips around the earth. Damn fairy. If it’s going to snow – just do it. Bring it on. But anyway, I’m feeling quite bitchy lately, but I like it. It makes people nervous. Especially if they are on a call with Me and the decision is in My hands on whether you are going to orgasm or not. I may let you cum, but note I said orgasm. I might just choose to rain on your little orgasm parade. I just might ruin it, you dick-whacking jerk off.

Ah. Poor you. I can be the sweetest Mistress around, then I can turn up the intensity of My personality as a knob on a stereo turning up a razor-edged Thom Yorke song to chill your spine.

So I dare you. Give your cock to Me. You’ll whack it so much it will transform and morph into a surrealistic art piece dripping over everything; melting. You’ll feel over and underwhelmed all at the same time.

The Mistress giveth, and the Mistress taketh away.

So let Me hear your dirty mouths today – you just don’t know what you’ll get with Me.

Mistress Cecilia