Hello bobby soxers!


Tonight, we’ll be transporting you back to the 1950’s which will be the theme of the chat tonight at 9 pm EST at the www.communitykink.com chatroom! Good music, good history and a trivia game after… If you like feminization, or even if you enjoy a bit of history – stop by. Everyone is welcome.


I do not have any links or picture to provide, however, tonight in chat – if you are interested, I will share some then.


The fifties are one of My most favorite decade – but I seem to like something about all the decades in one way or another.


So come on down tonight to rock and roll, and bring scarves for your ponytails!




Toys. I love different kinds of toys. One of which I found last night as I was talking to one of My guys was this cock pumper. I forgot what it was actually called, but it looks similar, and might feel similar to the blood pressure cuff you get at the doctor’s office. I like to try different toys, and if you have one you want to suggest to Me, by all means, tell Me about it. Lately, though, I have a number of guys who have the fleshlight – for those who don’t know what it is – google it. It is shaped, and from what I hear, it feels just like a pussy. For those who like to be teased with no mercy – this is the toy for you, and I seem to be quite stuck on it lately. Well, I’m not stuck on it, but it’s YOU who’s stuck on it. haha




I’d like to thank Relinquished for all the wonderful Christmas presents I recently got – there are too many to list here, so a big, BIG thank you to you. Also to HappyD for your recent presents as well. Also to those of you who are just great submissives




It’s been a great year for Me, and I hope those who do calls with Me and follow My dominating lead – I hope it’s been a good year for you too.


I will be seeing you tonight for the chat – greasers.


Ms Cecilia