Happy Saturday!

Lucky for you, My availability should be easily accessible to you this weekend to aide in all your lecherous needs. I look forward to it.

What have I been up to? Well sissy anna provided Me with an interesting feminization brainwashing video: here’s the link. Now set aside ten minutes, sissies, and let it penetrate your brain.

So – I thought I’d let you in a little on how My brain works, and how it all led up to the posting of this blog. I was watching the movie Amelie, the other night. It’s a French movie with English subtitles about this altruistic girl who sets out to change the lives of others except her own, and so she does at the very end – meets the man of her dreams. It got Me to thinking about the French language – I’m not fluent and took French in college, but I wish to be thorough in the language. Which got Me to thinking, I’d love to learn Spanish also. Which got Me to thinking – I’d love to learn the two romantic languages, and then a tougher one too – like Arabic. Which got Me to thinking – if money were not an issue, I would take five years to read. And travel. I could read and travel. I’d get on a plane and read. Go to the hotel and read. Then go sight-see. Then use My newfound language skills on the locals. I’d read everything – mechanical manuals, how-to books, history, philosophy, literature. I’d paint too. I’d take five years to paint, read and travel. Now – all that and dominating men too, of course.

This daydreaming led to Me googling courses. Free courses on French. Free courses on Spanish. Which then led Me to a site that offers free courses in all kinds of things. I hit the jackpot. I could learn about crime scene investigation, art history, physics – and there are dozens of courses. Now, mind you, I don’t receive credits, but it doesn’t matter. I’m curious. I’m an autodidact. I just like knowing ‘stuff’.

Sooooo…. *catches breath*

I started reading about World History. I skipped Chapter 1 because I already know about australopithecus and Neanderthal. I went to Chapter 2: Mespotamia, which led Me to Hammurabi’s Code. Hammurabi was the 6th king of Babylon and he wrote some mean-ass laws on a stone over 6 feet tall. Basically, for almost every wrong-doing was a punishment – usually death, or being thrown in the river, or set on fire. If you stole – you die. If you accused someone else of wrong-doing, but they were innocent, you die. If you started a fire in your house on purpose – you were shoved in it too. After reading down (there must be 200 or so laws), lots of things were punishable by death, or cutting off a finger or ear.

Which got Me to thinking: What if I were wearing Hammurabi’s desert sandles? What laws would I impose as a dominating woman? Well …. I’ll tell you ….

First, no one would die. It would be humiliation. Men would be forced to suck cock, or wear female garb, or wear a heavy stone cuneiform tablet around your neck saying : “I am a LOSER and should be thrown in the Tigres River”. If you stole something, you should have to wear female ornamentation with jewelry and Mesopotamian dresses. If you are really wreaking havoc on society, you should become My personal slave and pet, thrown in the depths of the ziggurats, and I would collect and dominate your material wealth.

I digress. But it’s fun to imagine if I could re-write history.

Later Mesopotamian bitches.

Ms Cecilia