Hello there sea monkeys,

I have Bootslave William back in My possession for a bit – on loan from his Goddess. I got to see him on cam last night, and I’m quite proud of his progress from when I first started speaking to the slut. His Goddess has done a good job training him! He should be posting up in his blog in a few days. As you may or may not know – Bootslave used to wank whenever he wanted, but in excessive amounts – until Me and his Goddess (his wife) stepped in and took over. From there, his wife has him in chastity much of the time, and controls his cock. I might have to say that Bootslave is ‘cured’, but if he were left to his own devices again, he may have an ‘unruly cock’. But congrats Bootslave, as Virginia Slims used to say: “You’ve come a long way, baby”.

I’m in awe as to what it does, and the power it harnesses over minds. Truly.

I just want to control you.

What else? Fantasies. Even though I like to delve into the realm of making you do things for real – I do love to swim in the ocean of fantasy. I must get many fantasies a day that I love to re-enact, roleplay – it’s so much fun. Do not be afraid to e-mail Me your thoughts and fantasies that can be played out on the phone.

In other news, I’m getting ready for Christmas. Christmas tree? Check. Presents? Um, I know I’m getting some, but I rarely have time to shop. Cute little red poinsettia plant on the table? Check.

Anyway, I’m over and out. I’ll be available for calls at around 7 pm EST tonight – look for Me. – xoxox Ms Cecilia