Hi everyone,

I know I’ve had some looking for Me this week – and My availability has been unstable. However, in the late afternoon today, I will be taking your calls – so be on the lookout.

It’s been fun dispatching this week, but I do miss all My perverts! haha I have some word of advice before you call into the dispatch line to our company — read the Mistresses’ profiles! Do your research! Many of our girls are talented, sexy and fun – but it’s impossible for the dispatchers to know if one of the girls is into circus midgets who will milk your cock whilst an audience of girls dressed in three-ring circus training gear with whips watches. E-mail and instant message are a great factor as well, and that’s why we have them! In case you have a question pertaining to a domination session. Communication is key just like any other relationship. If you want a fantastic phone sex session, the best way to do it is do your homework, ask questions, look at profiles and blogs and feel out the Mistress before you call.

For the upcoming weekend, I will be around a lot more than I have this week. Also, don’t forget about Strange Sex Sunday coming up! I will post more about that this weekend.

What else? I am looking for script submissions — I don’t want any novels or books, just short little scripts about what you’d like to hear Me read for the sissyschool.com forums and the teasemania.com forums as well. Also, it lets Me into what’s going on in your sexy little minds – and I love recording erotic audios! In particular, I’d love it to be revolved around Christmas or New Years – so start up your imaginations and e-mail Me a script to cecilia@voxerotic.com. If it’s good, I’ll put it up on the forum it’s best suited for.


On a personal note, I’ve had a tough week. I had to find a home out in farmland for My dog, Hemingway – whom I will miss very much. He was elderly, overweight and couldn’t climb up My second-story apartment stairs with his bad knees. Plus, he needed a big yard I was unable to provide. I found some nice farmers who have no stairs, a big yard and plenty of patience.

So, with that said, I’d like to be distracted with some good calls! The reason I love this job is that I can be in the worst of moods, and hearing from some of you perks Me right up – it really does. There’s always someone to punish, someone to make Me laugh, someone to truly enjoy.

Thank you for those of you who are too kind – you know exactly who you are. 😉

What else?

I think that’s it – and that’s a lot coming from Me at this ungodly hour of 6 am. I hope to talk with you soon. Be good.


Ms Cecilia