Yesterday I disappeared into the back roads of Pittsburgh – where I was taken hostage by beautiful women, and they did things like rub paprika/cinnamon oil on My body, wrap Me in plastic – massage My head and feet, and gave Me a great facial. No – not that kind of facial – you know, with scrubs and steam. It may sound like torture to some, but for Me – it was like, well, relinquishing control. I could sort of step into the submissive mind for a moment whilst I got naked and laid on a table, and took that position of: Do whatever you want with Me. *Cough* Well, except make Me oink like a pig. And that, My dear readers, makes Me not at ALL a submissive. However, I could kinda sorta understand as I was under a dominant hand of women – but in very pure sensual terms. No one got out the paddle, and phallic toys. Thank god.

Thank you Relinquished – that was a treat, and yes – My name is Mistress Cecilia, and I’m a spa addict. Thank you.

Also, I did receive a camera, scarves .. and other things I’m probably forgetting from Relinquished. Thank you again.

Also, from my sweet little mysterious admirer from the UK who got Me earrings, and DVD on string theory and physics – thank you. You’re a darling. Why am I so into physics? Wouldn’t you like to know.

I heard from Scarf Slut today – for those of you who do not know scarf slut – he is who he is : a scarf slut. He wears all sorts of scarves on his wrists, head, neck and I do love to send him on little assignments. The latest one was where he was made to go to a coin op laundry, carry a little change purse and read a girl magazine all whilst doing laundry and wearing scarves on his wrists. Oh, and pink lip gloss. Then, I made him go home and where nothing but high heel shoes, a butt plug and although he did wear panties to hold that in – he was pretty much naked except, of course, for the scarves. I made him put the laundry away just like that. He’s quite fun, and with the intermittent forced drinks of beer during our calls, I do enjoy talking with him and making him do things. God – I love bushing buttons.

I have some new audio up on the forums, and one up at I think the one at sissyschool will be an ongoing one about crossdressing and the other on teasemania is a reading of the Halloween entry I did in this blog some days back.

What else? I’m thinking of relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada within the next six months. Why? I miss the desert, and I think living in sin city would be quite exciting. If you want to donate to My move, go ahead! It’s Las Vegas or bust for Me, baby. Plus, its not too far from the Grand Canyon and I’d love to go visit periodically.

If you are up for a domination call – and want to donate to “Mistress Cecilia’s Move to Las Vegas” fund, then do so. I’d love to hear from you.

Otherwise, I’ll just make you do horrible things to yourself. 😉

Later Bitches


Ms Cecilia