Hello My Favorite Subjects,

I thought recently a lot about art and the creation of it. I recently received some art supplies, canvases and brushes off My wishlist from Relinquished – which got Me to thinking of revisiting some art projects I have been meaning to do. I’m one that if I don’t create enough, I fall into some sort of a slump – so I have to keep the creative juices flowing.

Which got Me to thinking about the whole submissive/domination relationship. I have found there are varying degrees of submissives – some already come with their exact menu of what they like, and I pick and choose what to do with them. Some only ‘order’ the same thing, in which I in turn order them the type of kink they ordered. Which, of course, is fine – but I don’t really call these true submissives. They are sampling into the submissive lifestyle for a brief moment to escape reality, and of course, I do cater to this group quite a bit.

There are others that take the approach: do whatever you want to Me, and I will obey. Wellllll….. this is fine, except unrealistic. I mean, in fantasy, I can make you into a purple polka-dotted pig who eats slop off My kitchen floor – but in all actuality, would you do it? Or if I wanted you to bark like a dog with nothing but a pair of fur panties in Times Square in 30 degree weather – would you do it? No? Well ok then. For those of you who nodded your head enthusiastically – call Me, we’ll talk. *wink, wink*

I think My favorite kind of submissive is one that is truly wanting to take his submissive seed, water and grow it. Or, as I like to call – “molding”. Some have been floundering all their lives with this nagging force within to obey or structure their lives to someone who is in ‘control’. A dominatrix. There is this inherent need to ‘serve’, but they are not sure how to do it, and whom to turn to. That’s where I come in.

You are My clay – and I am the sculptor. I want to mold you into the best serving submissive that will make both of us proud. I have to say, and in all honesty, that I know for a fact that I have changed the lives of a few submissives who honed into My passion, and they took off with it and made it grow. To be submissive, to Me, is to relinquish – to give yourself to someone else, and to make them proud and happy. In essence, we make one another’s life easier to some extent. You are malleable, like clay, and you follow My instructions and wisdom to express this side of you to the fullest potential. Even if it is as small as controlling your orgasms. You’d be surpise the power that is has on your mind, and life.

Don’t get Me wrong – I love fantasy roleplay. I love to create and weave stories too.

But I do appreciate ones who love to live out their submissive side as far as they can. I have to say that for the ones who keep a blog for Me – they are some of My closest pets. I certainly appreciate all that you have done. HappyD – thank you for the gift certicate and tip, and thank you for being a good boy as I watch over you. I will continue to watch over you. Thanks to Relinquished for all his contributions, gifts, obeying and everything he has done. Thank you Bootslave for listening to Me and your wife – you know you need all the discipline you can get! Thank you kel for entertaining Me in the chatroom and our late night ‘readings’, and also the good memories for when you were expressing your feminine side. Thank you BB for thoughts, conversations and insights. 🙂 Also, Scarf Slut – you don’t keep a blog, but you certainly have become one of My favorite submissives whose always giving Me wicked ideas, and I love how our relationship has grown. I hope you got My assignment yesterday.

There are many I am not mentioning – however, there is always room for more to mold. I am your creator, your guide in the Domination underground.

Let Me mold you.


Later Play Doughs,

Ms Cecilia

*EDIT* I FORGOT ANNA! Sissy Anna! How could I forget silly sissy doll anna! My little moldable slut to whom I really shaped. I can’t forget you ….. Call Me soon and fire up the cam.