It’s Halloween season – a time when everyone thinks of what to wear on the night of All Hallow’s Eve. A night of sugary, sticky treats, and the crunching of fall leaves under your feet when you trick or treat, or go to a costume party dressed like a ghoul, vampire, witch or a princess.

You might even see women dressed as a Mistress – in latex or leather, carrying a whip – or looking quite Dominant and vampy. Playing the dominant role and making the butterflies flutter in your churning submissive stomach.

Let Me tell you something.

Although I own latex, leather and love bondage – in everyday life, I look like the girl next door wearing my fine lace, cotton and denim. Sometimes I even wear silk. Don’t let that fool you.

Mistresses are everywhere. We are watching you. Mistresses are the embodiment of female supremacy – and we know all about you. We are in the shadows, on the streets, in your grocery stores, right next door. We recognize one another – make little nods and eye contact to one another to reinforce our identities.

We are everywhere and we’re taking over.

We know about you and see right through you as if we are x-raying you with our eyes. I’m x-raying you with Mine. I see through you.

I understand the submissive mind. You ache, you want, you need to serve. You feel it in your bones, deep in the neurons of your mind. Your cock throbs at the thought of relinquishing. I don’t need latex or chains to know of the Dominant spiritual force you so crave. I penetrate your mind, your soul, your heart and I bring you to your knees. Does that sound like a superficial dress up Halloween session? It is not, My sweet submissive. What you need, only a Mistress can give you – and we are everywhere like the dark angels of the world. Watching. We wait for your submission.

You don’t have to wait for Halloween to play with a Mistress, or to experience one.

This is not a play. This is not dress up. You have been warned.

Now – submit.


From the Dark Mind of Mistress Cecilia.