Hello My Wicked Vampires of the Night,

I rarely work into the wee night of the witching hours, but last night I did and was so grateful. The vampires love to come and play, and when it’s quiet in My office where I work (which is quite literally next to My bed) – it’s so quiet, erotic and ominous. I love it. One of My callers is so vivid in imagination, and his intelligence speaks loudly in terms of scene, the information he provides – it’s like being in My own private theatre. Thank you J, if you’re reading. I think you know who you are.

I had three hours of sleep, and then woke up to speak with My sweet B. Our sessions are quite surprising and limitless, which I love, and it’s never formulated. I mentioned this to him in between sipping coffee. Everytime we have a session, it seems that something new arises – a new sensation, discovery, and explorations that seem universally deep. Some sessions and conversations, you carry with you throughout the day, revisiting them over and over. BB – My little pet.

Following was the ever so delightful Penelope Panties, or Nancy Knickers or Cunty Cow. These she has named himself, but I do love to tease him so wickedly with the names. His accent is quite British, but he does live in New Zealand. Buzzing on coffee and hearing him sing quite off-key “I am wear-ing pant-ies, and I need a milk-ing, but will probably not get a milk-ing …. “ and all in a cute British accent is so hilarious, I feel as if I’m watching an x-rated play from the 17th century – fluffy lace knickers and all. He expressed to me that he has not been milked in two years, and if his wife found out that he had in fact had a ‘sissy milking’ as he put it, he would receive an insurmountable amount of canings from the caning posse. How could I resist? Could I, Ms Cecilia, deny the caning posse a great party featuring Cunty Cow himself? Me being the complete fun-loving Mistress could not deny this for the sorority girls and his wife – so I allowed him to release two years worth of sissy milk, in which he then added: I’ve just traded 5 seconds of pleasure for 100 canings and the possibility of never being allowed to milk again.

I couldn’t pass up such a life-changing event.

So, story time is now over. I do bid you adieu, and I am now going to sleep after a night long party with the Vampires. Good night. Or Good Day.

A Bientot,

Ms Cecilia

P.S. Thank you Relinquished for the coffee I did receive, and another great installment of “Get Fuzzy”. Great Literature. 🙂