I won’t be here for Strange Sex Sunday tonight – I’m going to a concert tonight. It was a last minute decision yesterday, and I bought tickets. I live life very last minute. I will report on how it went and who I went to go see. 😉 I will be back next Sunday for all your strange fetishes.

Thank you Relinquished for getting Me the first season of Dexter! I’m going to have a Dexter marathon even though I have already watched the first season AND I was lucky enough for someone to get Me the first two episodes of Season 2. It’s so good to be a “celebrity”.

For those who haven’t checked out Dexter – you have to, especially if you love serial killer vigilantes.

Last night – I took calls later than usual and got a VERY fun one! I met him in the communitykink.com chatroom, and he rang Me up wanting to do some humiliating phone sex. He wanted me to get another guy on the phone so I could tell them both what to do – so he did end up calling a gay chatline and put Me on 3 way so I can make them suck one another’s cock. I had gone down my list of cocksuckers that I do know, but not one was available on hand to give Me a call and join in. Anyway, we ended talking to some guy in Mississippi and it was, surprisingly hot to Me! I had never done it on the phone with two guys – and I would like to do it again. Hearing two men moan was like stereo sound hot – but, the other guy in the south was not submissive enough. He was excessively chatty and didn’t let Me take dominant control like I like. Perhaps I will find two perfect submissives who want to partake in that. It would be very hot!

Yesterday, I hung out with Ms Claire – and Monday, September 10th, is her birthday! I want you all to wish her a Happy Birthday!