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That’s right! It’s that time again! Tonight in the chatroom – me and Ms Carmen will be back and talking feminization! She will be hosting on cock radio, and I have a pre-recorded piece that will be airing. The topic for My piece is on fall colors 2007.

It seems I’ve been recording, recording, recording lately – so if anyone has any juicy scripts to send My way – please feel free and I’ll take a look. If I like, I record and post it on My blog and up on, under sound files where you can sample My audios, as well as other Mistresses. Also, don’t forget about where the other erotic audios are:!

I am looking forward to fall. It’s My favorite season with My most favorite day coming: Halloween! Speaking of spooky, I’m learning to read tarot cards – and I’m becoming quite wrapped up in the meaning of my own cards. Want your cards read on where I’m going to let you cum or not? Give Me a call, I’ll give you a “reading”….

Some factoids you may not know about Me is that I love ghost stories, ghost shows, ghost movies, ghost hunting and ghost campfire stories. I’m obsessed. What does this have to do with kink? I don’t know … just throwing it out there in case you were curious. 😉 I also love alien theories, and I’ve been to Roswell, but I’m really not a huge sci-fi geek, although I do know that “The Truth is Out There”. I went off of a tangent, but once I start speaking Halloween…..

Perhaps I’ll whip up some spooky audios in time for the Halloween season to post up. I’ll be the alien from outer space, or the wicked witch, or the pirate (*winks* at Donna), or … or … maybe a Mistress! Wait, I’m already a Mistress …..

Anyway – see you tonight in the chatroom, ghouls. – Ms Cecilia