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Tonight in the chat room , Ms Carmen will be on the air for our very first live show at 9 pm EST! I will be in the chatroom, but I am unable to get on the air due to too many malfunctions, so I think I’m giving up the hope for being a dj until things get figured out. However, I will send in sound bytes that Ms Carmen can play, and I look forward to hearing her tonight on the radio! It will be fun!

In other news, I’m enjoying the rest of what’s left of summer and I’m gearing up to record more erotic audios to post up. A few will be a bit more creative than the last bit of audios I posted. They are coming to a forum near you!

I had Buffy the Cock Sucking Slayer contact Me again and said she wanted Me to write about how dumb she is. Anyone who watches and loops “Girls Gone Wild” whilst their wife is in the background, and is wearing a skirt all at the same time gets the vote of “dumb” in My book. I have fun with Buffy. You know why? I don’t have to pull any punches with this dimwit – she doesn’t whine, moan or complain and loves being called a loser. Because I call Buffy a loser doesn’t mean I call everyone losers – if I call you a loser, it only means I like you and I really do think you’re a loser. It’s like getting your own special Ms Cecilia award, you know? I give out different little badges like “Biggest Slut”, “Wanker of the Year”, “Best Submissive”, “Sweater Slut”, “Bandana Bitch”, “Little Pecker Pee Pants”, “Pantyhose Whore”, “Penelope Panties”, “Suck-Cock Sissy Suzy” ….

All My subs have their special little place in My heart. *tear*

Anyway, I really am looking forward to some domination calls today – I want to do some contracts with some slaves. I will make up a document where it will be a slave contract, and you will have to be bound on a contractual agreement on some stipulations you and I come to terms with. If you are serious about this, contact Me and we’ll discuss it. I’m looking for a few more long-term commitments and have some openings.

Contact Me at mscecilia05 on AIM, or mistress_cecilia_dominates on yahoo. E-mail Me at

Until then tarts, – Ms Cecilia