Hello there My favorite readers. I was just in the chat room and asking the chatters in there what kind of questions they may want to ask Me in reference to who I am and what I do in the domination realm.

Ty was great in assisting Me with some rather challenging and thought-provoking questions. One of which was: what fetish turns Me on the most on and off the phone?

I think I like the mental aspect of domination. Sort of like drawing in My next ‘victim’ and playing with him like a toy. I love men, but I love to play with them and use them as toys. It’s not really objectifying him, but perhaps, some men would like to be objectified by Me. 🙂 Physically, however, I do enjoy lots of touching, and teasing and the usage of toys. This is applied on and off the phone – I usually have callers use their toys whilst on a call with Me. Also, I love hearing moans. That also gets Me off.

What got you into this business?

Good question. I’ve always had a strong personality, and came naturally dominant. It happened in the school yard when boys stole my swing and I threatened to tell, or I simply pushed them out of the way. Now, I don’t get violent, but I simply use my wisdom and smarts to get what I want. So, when I was finishing college, I needed a job – and what better way to make money and enjoy what I am doing! I couldn’t ask for a better job. I love what I do.

Do you have vanilla sex or is it all fetish in your real life?

I do like to mix it up. I’m even bi-curious. I have a boyfriend and although I am dominant with him – I do like to have sex. I think it’s safe to say most people do this who are in the domme lifestyle. I’d say in my real life – I’m 70/30. 70% in having dominant-related sex, and 30% vanilla.

From Panty Sue: What is the most unusual way you have had an orgasm?

I had to think on this one. When I was doing laundry – several times – sitting on top of the washer in spin cycle is quite a ride. 😉 But also, turning on my bathtub faucet whilst sitting directly under it is quite the thrill. Use your imagination …

If train A was coming from the east at 70 mph, and train B was coming from the west at 120 mph – at what time would the two meet?

God. I hate math. But I threw you off, didn’t I?

Do you use strapons for real?

Yes I have. In fact, I’ve used all kinds of toys for real. Did I mention that I love toys? High Five!

That’s it for the Q and A – if there are any more questions, please shoot them My way!

– Ms Cecilia