For those of you who know Me best, I’m quite nerdy. But I’m a sexy nerd! A sexy nerdy Mistress – it’s all the rave. And as I love control – I love control over all the websites I have to visit on any given day – so it’s quite characteristic that I love the site:

On this site, you can organize all your favorite bookmarks and cater it to your favorite topics such as orgasm denial , Mistresses , and cross dressing .

Also, there is web radio so you can tune into cock radio .

In addition – RSS feeds that feed into your favorite Mistress blogs and keep you updated, plus a calendar (so you can count the number of days since you last came), a clock, games, gmail, a to-do list, and yahoo mail widgets – and a plethora of other widgets to load into your netvibes page. It’s all right there! You can customize it any way you want, and I have found, personally – that I have My favorite submissive blogs up as well as My e-mail accounts, plus other features to keep Me up to date.

So check out that site and get it customized! I highly recommend it. Don’t forget to add My blog, and cock radio to your netvibes site.


In other news, My sissy anna went out for the first time to a TG club! Way to go! Months of preparation and make-up tips and a makeover last night – I was able to see her on cam and wow! She looked hot! I can’t wait to hear what happened last night…. I’m always proud of the subs who complete what I set them out to do and she seems happier to recognize that inner sissy self!

In cock radio update news – I’m turning my macintosh into a pc…. by downloading a program called parallels – I should be able to access the software in order to broadcast My voice!! I can’t wait. I will keep you all “tuned” in. But before I do that, I’m working on a hot new illustration of our very own Mistress Hannah that will be posted at Mistress Always Wins. Keep a look out for that and some hot audios I will be posting up at that site as soon as I get these others things cleared off My desk!

Give Me a call lechers – I’m sure you are overdue for some good discipline!
– xxoxoxx Ms Cecilia