Hello My little lechers,

This blog entry is more of an update about what’s going on in the wonderful world of Ms Cecilia.

I am leaving for the lovely south this Friday and will be out of until July 9th or 10th. I will be in North Carolina and I do look forward to it! It will be a lovely drive …

So, the chats will be cancelled for Wednesday and Sunday – unless Ms Claire will be there, but you can check with her to see if she wants to host solo. If not, we will both be back on July 15! By then, Me and Ms Carmen should be back to hosting for Fabulous Fem Wednesday too… as always, I will keep you all in the domina loop πŸ˜‰

I have been promising to get on the radio – but because of computer issues, I will not be able to do so right now. I own nothing but Macintosh computers and because of software and network issues – it has become increasingly difficult to get on the air. I want to thank Button for trying to help me work through the mac issues! You are a gem!
However, don’t despair – I will win this battle. Sometime this summer – I am buying a PC and should have no problem getting on. If anyone wants to help Me raise money to buy a computer, or if you know where I can buy a great one for cheap – let Me know so I can get on the air. πŸ™‚ Either way, I will be coming to cock radio soon! I won’t let anything like a computer stand in MY way! Time to break out the whip….

Speaking of gifts – I have 2 gifts that have not made it My way. When I looked to see what has been purchased – there are 2 distinct gifts that never made it to Me and I have no idea who purchased them. Someone bought Me 1980’s Retro Candy, but it never came to My house! πŸ™ Thank you – whoever you are! If you read this and you bought it for Me – please contact Amazon.com and get your money back – that is what the representative told Me today. Or you’re welcome to select another gift off My list.
Also – another gift never arrived — they are blue topaz earrings in silver. If you bought this gift for Me – please call Amazon.com. If you go under “Help” on the Amazon page – there is a button that says: “Contact Customer Service”. They have a great call back feature. Also, I would like for whoever bought Me those lovely gifts to speak up so I can thank you for the great thought!

Also on gifts – thank you Darlene for your recent purchase of the bath items! They smell soooo good! And Donna- the earrings are very beautiful – thank you so much!

I truly appreciate getting presents from all of you – I never ask or require this, so when you do it- it’s truly awesome and appreciated! I have such wonderful submissives πŸ™‚

Call Me for a Domination session before I leave town.

xoxoxox – Ms Cecilia