The following entry is free-style flow writing, unorganized. Enjoy My mind.

Some time ago, I wrote that I want you to be addicted to Me. I meant it. It’s not an ego thing for Me, per se, but more that I love to mesmerize, capture, and have you fantasize about what I could do to you. I find it entertaining.
I suppose you could say I’m in a deep, reflective mood today. What is it to dominate? To get inside your mind? I think it’s to release you. To push you to stop being so inhibited.
Whatever that is.
Whatever you need, or are looking for. Orgasm denial, or telling you how to masturbate puts Me in the driver’s seat.
Let Me play with it now.
Making you dress, making you do things you never thought possible. Why not play with a cream pie? Why not get messy with a bottle of oil? Why not feel a little pain, or even push that pleasure button – again and again and again? You most likely live once. Enjoy your own sensations. Live life like you are living in surround sound, vivid technicolor. Open your eyes. Feel your senses.
Perhaps painting a picture in your head – imagine us here. Vivid. Lucid-dreaming. . Me in a rubber catsuit with long curly hair looking powerful – standing over you.

Let Me see you on cam. I want to see every inch of you. I want to take you and transport you to another place. Another time.

We are making our own movie. Our own script, our own fantasy. We can make it what we want it to be, but I help direct it.

Close your eyes.

What do you want? What do you need? Think about it and let Me in your mind. I want to play in your playground.

– Seize the moment. Ms Cecilia