Tonight is open discussion tonight in the feminization chatroom! If you want a laid back chat and the ability to get to know Me and Ms Carmen – tonight is the night to do it! Come with your questions, comments … or just your panties … it doesn’t matter. Let’s have fun!

Let’s see, what’s going on in the world of Mistress Cecilia — oh! My exhibitionist is back. This time, he turned on his cam and pointed it toward the back yard and went out there naked by his pool. I had fun seeing him as I told him to shake his ass to his neighbors. His neighbors weren’t around, unfortunately, but I got a good laugh out of it though…. and in the end, that’s all that really matters!

I got some dark Belgian chocolates from my sissy anna doll. Thank you anna! We are going to have some cam fun coming up in July. That little sissy is not going to know what hit her …

Other announcements, it’s my birthday coming up on June 7. Stop by and wish your Mistress a Happy Birthday, and *cough* get me presents *cough* . What was that? I don’t know where that came from. Seriously, if you want to cum anytime this century though … you may want to consider it. (wink, wink)

Oh yes, one of My favorite Mistresses is rolling into town the weekend of my birthday – Ms Hannah! We are going to rip up Pittsburgh, boys – watch out! We’re going to hit the clubs with a bag full of goodies to use on any little lecher who gets in our way. Bend over and kiss your bitch arse goodbye.

I got a great testi-MOAN-ial today! Check it out:

Ms Ally;

This is a TestiMOANial dedicated to Ms Cecilia. A wonderful Cock Control Mistress of extraordinary skill.

Right now, mere words cannot describe the utter and complete bliss I am feeling after our call. I am a veteran cock stroker, and she had me doing moves and techniques that I’ve never ever even heard of, much less tried. I told her of my experience with cock control and that I enjoyed the whole tease and denial aspect and that I loved to edge. I requested a 30 minute call, thinking that, not even I, could withstand 30 minutes of cock teasing and edging. I was so wrong. Not only was I edging about a minute into the call, but I was edged nearly the whole time.
Only a couple of minutes here or there for rest and then it was right back to the edge. I looked over that cliff into total bliss multiple times. I almost lost control several times, and twice it was so close that I was afraid I had ventured beyond the point of no control.

After 30 minutes, I was begging for more, and begging for an orgasm. Since I had left the decision up to Ms Cecilia, and I had been a good stroker boy, following all her directions I was hopeful for a happy ending.
In the end though, she told me no. I begged, and she would not relent. She wasn’t harsh or mean, just determined. She never screamed or yelled, just used the tone of voice that said that her decision was final and no amount of pleading or crying was going to change that. I thanked her for her wise decision and put my cock away for another day. I have been forbidden to play with it any more today.

Now that I write this testiMOANial, I realize just how right the decision to deny me was. I’m in a state of heightened arousal, that would not be true if I had been allowed to blow my load. I thank Ms Cecelia for making herself available for me, and using her skills to drive me wild, and her good judgment to know exactly what I needed and secretly wanted.

I also thank Ms Ally for developing and maintaining the tease/denial world that I now live in. I don’t know how I would survive if I were to go back to just jerking off whenever I felt like it!!!!!


Thanks Robert! You little wanker, you ….

And now, my dirty boys of the underground, your Queen is going to go relax before the 8 pm EST chat tonight. Rest up and come party with us later!

– xoxox Ms Cecilia