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Who is your ideal woman? A woman who symbolizes feminity or superiority? Or strength? Maybe one you’d bow down to? Someone you want to dress after? Someone who you’d love to worship?

Since I am a woman Myself – I have a hard time finding that ideal woman archetype – but I do love Joan of Arc, Madonna (the singer), and Angelina Jolie is someone I admire. As you can see, I love stoicism, intelligence and heroic qualities in women. An ideal woman to Me is smart, sexy and doesn’t take shit from no one….

This is Wednesday night’s topic – put your fem thinking caps on and think of who you would love to look up to as your Ideal Woman.


Other news and tidbits, I’m loving the dedication I’m feeling from some of My regular toys. I found a new one tonight named “Sally”. Sally is sweet, lovely and slutty. Perfect. She’s going to make My slut caller hall of fame if she completes the assignment I gave to her… I’ve been looking for a new slut to induct.

Bootslave William did all his assignments, as he would say in his sexy Euro accent: “to the letter, Mistress” and he got to cum yesterday. That was a rarity with Me. But he was a gem, as was confirmed by his wife to Me. Way to go Bootslave.

Sissy Anna is beginning to get it together – My little bimbo is buying a blonde wig and just ordered her maid’s uniform. I have to keep a close on this sissy, she tends to get overly excited and cums all over herself if I’m not watching. She seems to get punished more frequently than most. 😉

I have an announcement to make on a new Mistress in town. And I mean literally in town: Mistress Claire. Me and Mistress Claire both live in the steel city of Pittsburgh and hang out quite frequently. We share stories of slaves, how we love to dominate men, and we do artwork together. Mistress Claire is creative, hot and sexy – I suggest you give her a try, or give both of us a try in a 2 girl call sometime 😉 Chances are, we may even be in the same room together whilst we are talking to your slutty ass.
Welcome Mistress Claire!

Check out her blog:

See ya later naughties! xoxo Ms Cecilia