Swimsuits are the sexiest thing you can wear outside. They are fun, sassy and sexy and oh-so-flirty! What I would like to discuss is your favorite swimsuit, if you could, where would you like to wear it – and your fantasy revolved around this swimsuit! Please send me pics of your favorite swimwear if you have any and I will post them up. I personally love those old 40’s type of swimwear that Marilyn Monroe used to wear. Mmmmm… Marilyn.


In other news, I’m a busy girl and I’m loving it. Bootslave is back in My possession for awhile as I control his unruly cock. Sissy Anna is having fun buying certains items for these awesome sessions we are having! I have not had a new candidate for slut caller of the day.

I do have to say I have been talking to a sissy whom I have been talking to for awhile – Mindy – and she always gets on cam for Me and wants to show off her dresses she bought at Wal-Mart, cut off her long blonde locks and make her hair short, bland and brown. *snickers* Are you freaking kidding Me? Her fantasy is to have Me dress her cheaply and whorish and then make her go out and do whorish things. She’d be a cheap date. 😉 I had fun with her last week when I saw her on cam, as she wore a long blonde wig, and at the end of the session, I was saying ….”and I will take you to the salon, shop off your long blonde hair – lock by beautiful lock – and dye it a very bland brown …” Just then, Mindy, on cam, tore off her wig – exposing a short, brown mop on top and exclaiming, “Oh no!”. I laughed so hard at the shock of it …. I love surprises!

And I love My job. xoxox – Ms Cecilia