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Wednesday night at 8 pm EST at the chatroom is Show and Tell! I would love for everyone to provide their links, photos of their favorite thing such as your favorite pair of shoes, or favorite movie, favorite song, book, clothing, make-up or anything that inspires you to be more feminine! Please send your link, or your photo Me at :

Everyone has something that is their favorite, that makes them feel more feminine when they wear it, hear it, watch it or feel it. It could be as simple as a perfume that makes you feel sexy. Me and Ms Carmen will be there to hear about it!

When I was a girl, we had show and tell every Fridays at school. I loved bringing in My favorite toy to show off to others what I had. I remember one was a play coffee pot that when you tipped it, all the liquid disappeared. Then when you put it upright, all the ‘coffee’ was back. It was magical!

The picture I provided above is an example of what I want to show as the items I own in My boudoir: lots of things to show that I’m the one in POWER!


Onto other things, or observations, I’ve noticed a rash of what I like to call: working wankers. During the day, whether it’s in the chatroom, or on instant message – chatters will message Me saying they are at work and horny. These lechers sit at their desk in their office, and surf porn and lo and behold, find Me. I love to tease working wankers. I can just picture it: they sit at their desk, and suddenly, a tent occurs in their pants – a tingling and squirming flows deep in their testicles. They can’t really do anything, except sit there – trying to mask their obvious rock-hard vulnerability between their legs. I love to tease them. I usually get them to sneak off to their bathroom stalls to wank and tease themselves, or sit at their desks whilst we have an online texting session and they squirm and scream – quietly. Better watch it – that hot boss or secretary is going to someday bust you in mid-wank. *evil laugh*