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Tonight is Wild Women Wednesday at the chat room at 8 pm EST. Tonight, we will be discussing high heels and how to walk in them.

High heel shoes are a woman’s most sexy possession and a very powerful image for men everywhere. It’s also the most feminine thing that women own – almost THE symbol of femininity. The fact that women can put all their weight on such a tiny little pedestal, and to walk gracefully and sexily move their hips is a statement of women’s power over men. High heels have become a fetish in of themselves as men love to see them on women, and for foot worshippers everywhere – a playground of delight! Dangling them off your toes, putting them on, walking around the floor to make that clack, clack sound, and most certainly – keeping them on whilst you have sex is all the power that high heels have. I also love to use them in domination – the image of having a man suck on My high heels is proof positive that I have control of you. The symbol of femininity is in your mouth!

All of that aside, sissies love high heels! The mention of giving them the assignment to go buy them is one of the most exhilirating and challenging assignment a sissy can do. What kind? What size? How do I walk in them? Where do I wear them?

This, and much more will be discussed in tonight’s chat!

In the meantime, look over the material below.

How to walk in high heels:

How To Walk In High Heels

History of high heels (take note they were first invented for MEN!)

A video on a very sexy walk!

A sexy video of a woman walking, playing and toying with her high heels:

High heels and a whip:

A crossdressers shoe store:


Here are some high heel pics from Stephanie:

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