Tonight’s chat was a success! I love the energy and vibe of everyone showing off their outfits – naughty and otherwise! I was so impressed by some of the outfits and how sexy some the Cross Dressers are! So sexy, so erotic, so dripping with sensuality!
Please stop by on Wednesdays – there’s always a good femme buzz going on!
Next week: we’re going to discuss make-up. Throughout the week, I will post up links, articles on make-up etc. I want you to submit your pics to me like you did with your clothing pics. Make-up shots – either of you or a model will be great. We’ll discuss ways to achieve that look and the tools you need.

On another topic – Madonna is a goddess to submissives and sissies everywhere. Especially in the 90’s.

Here is her video Vogue – for you Cross Dressers and sissies, you should appreciate her outfits and her make-up. She’s fantastic!

And for you submissives who love a great Dominatrix video – so smooth, sexy and sultry. This is My theme song for all you sluts – sissies, cock control guys and all fetishes combined. When you’re on the phone with Me – think of this song. You slut.
This is Erotica also circa 1990’s. Don’t we all love the Dominatrix/Fetish Madonna from the ’90s? All before her Kabbalah days. I suppose we all evolve ….

This was another banned Madonna video. ha ha ….

I want you to memorize the lyrics and think of MOI.

Until next time sluts. Stay Naughty! xoxxoxox – Ms Cecilia