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I’m currently working with J who has a sinulator. For those of you who don’t know what a sinulator is, it’s a device that is strapped to your cock and vibrates like a bullet. Your Mistress controls via the internet. Check it out at…

I love to hear him moan and groan when I push the limit to 5. I about fell out of my chair with laughter when I couldn’t get it to stop fast enough and he almost came! It was nice hearing him pant: “Mistress, Mistress … I’m … going … to CUM!!!!”

It was so funny, I was crying. I love my job.

I’ve another one under control too, R, who is trying his dry spell of not cumming for 6 days. We shall see how he does. I’ve been having sessions with R for well over a year now, and he’s never fully given his control to Me. He’s scared. Poor baby. Ha ha. It seems he has, finally, relinquished his control to Me at least for this week. He theorizes that being denied by women is something he should get used to – so being under my training is quite beneficial for him. I couldn’t agree more….

Also, it seems BootslaveWilliam will also be under my (and his wife’s) control soon! For the last six months, I have mentored them both to make bootslave a more worth slave and to be under his wife’s control. I taught her some tricks of the trade, and am very proud of her! I would love it if more of you wankers would PLEASE involve your girlfriend’s or wives. They all harness the power to control you – if you let them. I love that bootslave no longer wanks as often as he likes and is locked up in chastity most of the time. He used to be such a habitual, avid wanker! I am very proud of her – she has learned, and he has stopped being a sneaky little wanker – running out in the tall grass to play with his snake. (Remember that story you told me BootSlave?)

Remember everyone – feminization chat is tomorrow night at 8 pm EST in the chatroom. I will be posting more entries about feminization, and other topics, later.

Stay Naughty (but not too naughty!) xoxxoxx Mistress Cecilia