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The Island of Giantess

Did you know I do Giantess calls? It’s not a super common fetish, but I am on the site for it. Plus, I love doing those calls!

What is a Giantess?

Giantess is what is sounds like – a very tall woman, say like 50 feet tall. She has the dimensions of a fit woman, for . . . → Read More: The Island of Giantess

On Gay Denial: What is it?

Being in denial is one thing, being in gay denial is a whole other.

What is Gay Denial?

So the other day, I’m on the phone, and this guy wants to watch porn with me. Okay, I like that. I like watching porn with my callers. It makes it interactive and actually fun. We . . . → Read More: On Gay Denial: What is it?