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Sissies Should Primp

Sissies – it’s that time of year again! It’s spring, and summer is just right around the corner. Do you know what that means? Well, I have a whole list for you to follow, so hang on to your panties.

Sissies Need to Trim

Trimming can be anything – but let’s focus on the essentials: trimming the pubes, trimming the hair, and ┬átrimming your body. Now, I believe in full body shave downs with sissies. There’s really no other way. You HAVE to have full silky bodies. No hair anywhere except on the top of your head and eyebrows, of course. Also, it’s a good idea to shed some pounds too. How? Cut back on the sugar and breads and beer! A sissy should have a nice trim figure. If you are working on your hourglass shape, that’s fine, but, watch what goes to the belly. A nice trim and style to your hair is probably in order too. When is the last time you went to the salon and got a good sissy style? It’s time. Don’t forget to top off a ribbon on your sissy clit too.

Spring Sissy Shopping

Spring and summer is all about pastels and fun colors. No more drab, no more boots. Show off the skin! Get the tan! Wear some glitter on your legs. Seriously, glitter is ┬áreally in right now if you haven’t noticed. Just google glitter on the body and you’ll see it’s hot this coming summer. The beach will be filled with glittered bodies. What a perfect expression for a sissy. Not only that, there are sandals, summer dresses and shorts and all kinds of fun things for you to buy.

All the Little Details

Manicures, facials, pedicures, tweezing. It all needs to be done because these are the things that are going to be more shown off. Think of it – you’ll wear sandals and your toes are going to be exposed. Don’t forget to trim the cuticles and shave the hair on the toes! I see too many sissies who are neglecting these little details when you need to be paying attention to them. It’s very important!

If you need more help on this and training, you know what to do.

Mistress Cecilia


2 comments to Sissies Should Primp

  • Petey cream puff

    I agree as I’m doing all of what you mentioned. The diet is going to be 100% clean and strict! Carb based diets only get you fat. I don’t drink beer nor want to get into that habit. As far as manis/pedis i do this monthly along with waxing by my masseuse/mistress who’s keeping me in line by watching what I spend so we can go dress shopping/makeover in which she wants me to do. I was told I’ll be wearing dress or leggings/knee high boots with women’s tops/bra/panty when we go. Only negitive is she’s married but told me not to worry about her husband not me being dressed as girl in public since I’m with her. She can expose me if she wants. With this happening now I belong to her as her cockold cream puff sissy girl who has her nails dug into me. It’s what I wanted and it’s finally happened.

  • In this fast and crazy world, you have to remember to slow down and unwind. And yes, it is essential for all sissies to pamper self. So enjoy a bubble bath, paint your toes, tweeze your brows, wear lingerie and just feel sexy. Go ahead pamper yourselves, girls, and follow Mistress Cecilia’s advice!

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