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On Gay Denial: What is it?

Being in denial is one thing, being in gay denial is a whole other.

What is Gay Denial?

So the other day, I’m on the phone, and this guy wants to watch porn with me. Okay, I like that. I like watching porn with my callers. It makes it interactive and actually fun. We discuss what is in the porn film, and what we like/dislike. I notice that he keeps switching to shemale and gay porn. I say, so, are you gay? He goes – uh, no. I just like watching it. I said, but doesn’t it turn you on to see a cock? He answers sheepishly: yes.

I said, oh my god – you are in gay denial. You are in such deep denial that you are totally gay! ┬áIt only took an hour to really interrogate him and make him crack that yes, he was indeed gay.

Why Deny It?

Let’s face it – we’re never going to meet. NEVER. Ever. Never will I fuck you, never will I want to fuck you – so why are you trying to save face by trying to convince me you are not gay? Come on. That’s what I said to him. So why would you deny it? Do you think I’ll think less of you? No – I won’t think less of you. I’ll just think of you as a faggot cocksucker who sits around and jerks off to gay porn all the time. No harm, right? HAHA!

Just Cock It

In fact, once I crack your gay denial – I’m going to super encourage you to do something about it. Get out there. Experience it. Put a cock in your mouth, or two. Feel it in your hands. Put it elsewhere too – I mean, life is short. You’ve been thinking about it for 10 years, why are you sitting around in a closet and in complete denial? What are you trying to prove? Well, let me tell you a little secret about women: we probably already know anyway. We know that you wanted to suck a cock – it’s written all over your face ….

Might as well have cum to go with that guilt on your face, right?

Ms Cecilia

2 comments to On Gay Denial: What is it?

  • LOL, I love the guys who are in Gay Denial. They’ll be like I like Shemales and their cocks but I’m not attracted to men. Like a straight man would ever suck a cock. I think the denial comes from them viewing being gay as something negative when it’s not. Rather than fight it just embrace it.

    See at least I admit I’m not straight. I’m not sure if I’m completely gay or bisexual but I don’t rule out or deny that I could be gay.

  • Stan

    I love cock because i’m a gay faggot.

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