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Strap Ons and Dildos, Oh My!

Strap ons are a lot of fun and can really help in role-reversal role play scenarios.

Straps Ons and Submissiveness

There is something to making a man feel super submissive when you pop out a strap on from underneath your skirt. Nothing says you are not a real man then showing him a strap on and then making him suck it. I’m sure you agree, right?  Question is: how much of a strap on can you possibly take? What size?

I Like Them Big

I am one of those Mistresses that like to push envelopes. Meaning, if your last dildo or strap on experience was 7 inches, then why not go to 7.5? Or 8 inches? It’s always got to be built upon and it’s always got to be bigger. I am just the Mistress that you will push you to do so. Only got fucked for half an hour? Let’s go 45 minutes.  The thickness was only 2 inches? Let’s go 3 now. I believe that is one of the cornerstones of the Dominant/submissive relationship – the Mistress pushing you to go further. Of course, there is always a stopping point, but in order to reach maximum sub space, it needs to be turbo charged.

Extreme Sub Space

I can think of all kinds of avenues to take a submissive into extreme sub space, but strap ons and dildos sure do help to get you there faster. It’s that magical button called the prostate. Messing with that with a giant dildo can really turbo charge you deep into sub space. Sounds Star Trek-y right? It is most certainly true though.

When was the last time you felt yourself in sub space? That point where you knew you’d do anything for your Mistress or the one you are serving? Could be a Master too. Think about it. If it’s been a long time, then, you must question why.

Mistress Cecilia


4 comments to Strap Ons and Dildos, Oh My!

  • Using strap-ons and dildos is a fun alternative from the real thing and it gets the job done. Especially if you are on the small side. Besides the dildo usually, is better in some cases. There are some areas of life that are not open to negotiation. And using a dildo is one of them.

  • I’m chuckling because your blog is the third or fourth post I’ve seen recently about fucking a dirty little subbie hole. Spring must be getting us Mistresses in the mood to make our mark on our slaves and pets in the most intimate way! 😉

  • Cecilia

    Yes you are right!

  • Jesse

    Im on my knees i need my ass fucked mistress

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