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Kinky Domination Christmas!

It’s that time of year again! The time of year when the phone rings, and we have our own Christmas party. And usually, the themes are Christmas parties where I have filmed you in the past year, and I get to show the office just how kinky you have been in a variety of ways. Or, I get to dress you up as a slutty Mrs. Claus. Feminization role play this time of year is fun, and I’m in the Christmas spirit more than I usually am. I hope you are too!

I’ve been playing in a bit of chastity lately – not for myself, but for my guy. We recently bought a bird cage and he’s now going on week 6 of denial. Ohhh, I’m sure most of you guys couldn’t even handle that, could you? ¬†What about strap on training combined with chastity? Now we’re talking, and that’s what I am currently working on right now with him. It’s been exciting and fun! Plus I’m quite surprised, always, at how many shades of blue balls can actually turn…..

So today, I drag out my Christmas decorations, and start decorating! I plan on doing so whilst I have on my red Mrs. Clause uniform and I can tease my boyfriend even more as I bend over to put on that last ornament on the tree…. Can you imagine? Could you handle that? Being cock teased?

So my idea, and don’t tell my boyfriend is, I’m going to let him out of his chastity on Christmas Day. But I have successfully convinced him it could be in 2017. So, I guess you could say, “Don’t open this charity until Christmas!”

So yes, I’m in the holiday spirit because of all of this, so it’s going to be a fun time.

What kinky, or fun things do you have planned this holiday season?

Can’t wait to have phone sex with you!

Merry Christmas!

Ms Cecilia




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