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Kinky Fetish?

What is your kinky fetish?

I have to admit, I personally have a ton. If you know me, you already know that.

So What is Your Kinky Fetish?

As you may or may not know, there are a ton of fetishes out there. If you peruse, you’ll see a list of the kinds of calls we do, and that’s just a fraction!

I’d like to know what my readers are into, so I’m taking a census here and on twitter. So get back to me in the comments!

What are Mine?

I’m into mostly domination type fetishes and it’s really tough for me to pick a favorite. Although, yesterday, I have to say I was really was into a cuckold call. I was guiding him in sort of a counseling fashion where he was really wanting to talk to his wife about her cuckolding him. He seems to think she wants to. I think so too.

But, I also love other kinky fetishes as well. Spanking is one of my favorites as well. I love to spank a man, especially if they have a nice round ass. If you have an ass that looks rather feminine in a pair of panties, I’m so there.

Those That Prefer the Kink

I truly believe that those that prefer to be kinky are really searching for something deeper than the traditional vanilla-flavor types. Vanilla sex is great, don’t get me wrong – and needed for bonding in a relationship. But, those that are, let’s say, more on the creative side, usually ache for something that is spicier. Kinkier. Intense.

I would love to talk to you about your fetish, and, I’d like to see where people’s heads are these days. I find it a fascinating topic for sure! I wonder what 2017 will be? I think 2016 was the year of the cuckold.

Let’s go on that kinky ride together!

Big Black Cock

Oh, the big black cock fantasy!

I had a guy the other day, one of my regular callers, who has a deep fascination with big black cock.

He has never sucked one for as long as he’s been utterly obsessed for years. Even though he does look at interracial porn all the time. He . . . → Read More: Big Black Cock