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Summer Kinky

Hello, kinky players!

It’s been some time since I updated my blog, but now it’s time because summer is here and that only means only one thing: kinky play.

How I am Kinky

I’ve been up to all kinds of kinky the last few months. Bondage, spanking, and strap-on play are what I have been doing as of late.  I have been enjoying it! I’ve also been practicing my guided meditation on some of the guys I have been dating. What is that you ask? It’s like a deep trance to subject my slaves to bend to my will. Now that is kinky.

How are You Kinky?

Of course, being in this type of career I am in, I am always interested in how kinky you are. I truly believe it is very therapeutic. I always hear how some of you are always stressed and in control and want an escape. Well, this kind of sexual therapy certainly helps.

An Example of What I Do

One of my playmates wanted to suck cock but didn’t know how to go about it. Plus, he had blocks in his mind. Fears that prevented him from taking the next step. This is where the kinky trancing takes place. I laid him back on the couch of mine, had him close his eyes and then started relaxing him with my voice. I was then able to trance him and make him REALLY want it. After, and for the next week or so, he was obsessed with accomplishing this kinky thing. And he did it. He was amazed at how it worked, and he was surprised that he actually did suck cock.

This could be you.

Are you into Cock Sucking?

Ah, cock sucking. One of my favorite topics.

Is Cock Sucking on Your Radar?

If you have been dreaming of it, watching it or actually doing it – then yes, it is on your radar. In fact, haven’t you heard the phrase: “You are what you think?”  It actually rings true for you even . . . → Read More: Are you into Cock Sucking?