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Are you into Cock Sucking?

Ah, cock sucking. One of my favorite topics.

Is Cock Sucking on Your Radar?

If you have been dreaming of it, watching it or actually doing it – then yes, it is on your radar. In fact, haven’t you heard the phrase: “You are what you think?”  It actually rings true for you even if you are just thinking about it. Yes, you are a cock sucker.

So What Next?

If you have been dreaming about it but not talking about it to anyone – you should.  This is the way you can weigh your decisions about whether you want to actually suck a cock or not. Then, if you do, you can cross over to actually doing the deed. Of course, many guys just stay in the fantasy land, and that’s okay too. But if you are truly wanting to suck cock, there is training in place to do it.

Mistress Cecilia is Here to Help

So I am here to help train you and make you into what you have always wanted to do:  suck cock. I can tell you ways you can get better, where to possibly look for it and we can set up some goals for you. As nerve-wracking as it is, it is imperative you can follow through.  If you don’t, you’ll forever be thinking about it and you know you will. This is what phone sex calls are for, after all. It’s important you go ahead and keep fantasizing until you can make your erotic fantasies a reality.


Spring is for Sissies

Sissies seem to come out in full force during the spring. Not just sissies, either; cross dressers, too.

Sissies in the Spring

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