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How Do You Suck Cock?

So, I’d like to know: how do you suck cock? And where do you get it?

Do You Suck Cock?

Many guys fantasize about sucking cock – it’s a worldwide phenomenon. So do you? And if so, where do you go to suck cock? There are many places you can go to do this. For example, the other day I had someone call me who wanted to suck cock and I told him to try the adult bookstore approach and seek out some glory holes. There are other ways to get this dirty deed done, but that is a quick way to experience it. I have other methods too you can use when you’re ready!

How do You do it?

Once you have selected a location or a man, it’s time to get it done right! But how do you suck a cock? What is your cock sucking style? Watching porn can certainly give you many ideas. Are you slow and sensual, taking your time getting to know every vein and curve of his cock? Or are you more of the wild one going down on his cock like a porn star?

Practice Makes Perfect

In this case it is true, if you suck cock, you’ll get very good at it! It is important that you keep up your cock sucking skills with a dildo. First buy one that is a little small and manageable. Keep practicing with it and see where it takes you and a good rule of thumb is to watch porn and see how the ladies are doing it. Watch yourself in the mirror and see what happens. Then, from there, you can upgrade to a much bigger cock and start practicing on that. It’s important to practice with variety because once you suck cock, you will have different sizes !

Any other questions on how to be a good cock sucker? Give Me a call!

Mistress Cecilia

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