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Happy Phone Sex Summer!

Hello deviants and fetish lovers!   Things are getting hot here after a relatively cool and wetter than usual spring.  I must say on my hikes through the desert – it is alive with so much growth and colors!
I had a long call the other day with Gary, who spent most of his time talking to me about how he needs to find a dominant woman for his everyday life to keep him dressed up and sucking cock.   As we talked and role played out how exciting it would be, he kept going back to wanting this in his everyday real life and was pressing me with questions on what I thought about it.
Later that evening while enjoying a glass of wine and relaxing, I started thinking about his question and his desire and felt I should post here to help guide many who have fantasized about the same thing.
Your Options for Domination
The beauty of kink and fetish play is the power exchange, the openness to explore secrets that others do not know, it is why phone sex domination is amazing and such a big business. It is a medium where everyone gets to escape into that wonderful fantasy space in their head and live out their desires for a short time and then leave content and happy.   There are webcam girls, but often once you get past the initial physical look it is hard to find that awesome head space of your fantasy without all the distractions going on.  Then of course there are the pro dommes, house of dungeons etc that are available, but this option tends to be a bit overwhelming for many, maybe due to legal reasons in your town or fear of cleanness.  Lastly, there is the best option which is a kinky playmate to explore all your fetishes with.
You would be surprised how many women I know wish their guys were more kinky and wanted to explore some of the BDSM play with them.  I get to hear the other side how many men wish their women were into exploring, as they are even afraid to share with me, on the phone, their kinky fetish. There is clearly a verbal disconnect somewhere, maybe we all need to get off social media and actually talk to one another.
Respecting time and limits is critical to building long lasting fetish fun
I love getting notes of gratitude from my guys after a wonderful fantasy phone sex call that we shared, so thank you so much.  Not sure if you guys realize that some of you send long several page emails pouring out your feelings and desires and often take it the wrong way when I respond with a short note.  Please do not be offended and realize if I spent the time you are hoping I would in responding to each email I would never be on the phone to take calls which means I could not survive.  I understand many of you have eye opening experiences with your phone sex Mistress fantasy calls, but often, because of work or family it is impossible to call but you feel you need to share with your Mistress.  We do offer sexy texting where you can buy a block of time which can be applied to email reading and responding or your can always be generous ahead of time with a nice virtual bouquet.
What drives girls like me fucking crazy 
As I finish this, my personal relationship is with a guy who is the total alpha male who is extremely competitive, a successful business owner, creative, and a total gym rat with a beautiful cock.  He knows how to treat me with respect, takes care of me and also show me his masculine side.  When we play kinky (which is not every time), it is always a surprise as I slowly undress this muscular guy. When I unzip his pants and he has on a tight pair of pink silk panties with a cock ring keeping him hard and his balls bound, this makes me almost cum, because it is such a mind fuck. It’s such a gift of power exchange that I get so aroused during our session of training. That being said, I love playing with my 100% submissives too.
Let’s Have a Kinky Adventure!
So let’s do it! Let’s get lost in your fun, your excitement, but remember who is in charge here. I will hang up on disrespectful arrogant dumbasses.  When our session is done, you are free go back to accomplishing great things with your life and when the need rises for you I will be here waiting to explore your fantasy deep with you.
Many have asked about the game in the last blog – it is still going on, so anytime you want to be teased, we can certainly do so!
Also, tours are going on every week – check my blog for the schedule.
Ms Cecilia

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