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Are you Submissive?

To be submissive is to know that you have been since as early as you can remember. Have you always felt that way?

What is it to be Submissive?

When you feel that you want to give over your sexual power to a woman and let her call all the shots – you are submissive. As long as you can remember, you felt this way. You wanted to serve. You didn’t know how or why – you just wanted to be in front of a woman and let her take control of you. Is this you? Do you want to feel this, and be this, and live this? If you are anywhere a submissive, the answer is yes.

How Do You Begin?

The first thing to consider is that you need to know what kind of sub you are. Yes, I said, what kind? It is important to know that you know who you are, otherwise, this confuses a Mistress. For example, do you like pain? Are you effeminate? Are you into a woman controlling your orgasms? What about a chastity device? Are you into bondage? These are the types of things you should consider when you are wondering where you fit into the broad spectrum of BDSM. It’s important to consider!

Need to Talk it Through?

If you have given some thought as to what kind of  sub you are and you are still confused, that’s how a phone Mistress can help. We are the kind of therapy you need when it comes to figuring out who and what you are. We can ask you questions, or maybe do some type of interrogation 😉  Can you imagine how how that would be? I always have loved role playing the “bad cop”. It would be a fun way to get you to come to your own senses about what kind of submissive you are after I have arrested you. Any takers on this? I’d love to try it on you!

Mistress Cecilia


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